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The growth of Defi is remarkable, with the industry making great strides in the past few years. It’s quite right to conclude that this industry is probably the next big thing in the financial world, primarily owing to the many use cases of the upcoming projects. 

Decentralization of finance was the main idea in Defi’s creation, and many of the platforms have lived up to that promise. However, with the strong surge in Defi, it’s quite challenging for any investor to make conclusions about which project is worth their money. 

You probably are that investor and wonder what Defi projects show unique features and maybe a potential to grow? Here are some of the most unique Defi projects you should check out for in 2021. 


Kava is a Defi lending platform offering its users USDX stablecoins loans, thus introducing the crypto market’s utmost flexibility. Like chainlink, Kava is known for its cross-chain capabilities and its vast array of stablecoin loans. There is a considerable probability that Kava will add bitcoin to its supported coins in the future. 

As of the time of writing, coinmarketcap reports that Kava was among the best performing Defi platforms, with a $70 million market cap.