How to make the most of your crypto without spending it? – Crypto Reporter

If you’re hodling some BTC or ETH, here’s a way for you to make it work — without selling your hard-earned crypto.

Imagine you have 1 BTC worth $18,000. You don’t want to sell it because it may bring you huge profits in the future, but that’s a lot of money and it would be cool to use it somehow right now.

Let’s say, you take 1 BTC and get $9,000 in USDT as a crypto loan. You can do with it whatever you want — go traveling, buy a car, or invest in real estate.

When you’re finished fulfilling your dreams, you repay the crypto lending with the same $9,000 plus annual 5% interest. By that time, BTC has surged to $30,000. Now, you own 1 Bitcoin as before PLUS a car or an unforgettable traveling experience, and minus 450 USDT paid as interest.

This is exactly what CoinRabbit offersan instant cryptocurrency lending service without credit checks, monthly payments, and maximum loan sizes. Grab your BTC or ETH, get some USDT in 10 minutes — and enjoy the new opportunities! In addition, our geography is quite big, the countries we support are.. worldwide!

The safety of all the getting collaterals is guaranteed by our partner – a highly trusted service named ChangeNOW. Also KYC procedure, which is carried out by ChangeNOW too, lets us check the legitimacy of every transaction.

Why CoinRabbit?

  • Unlimited loan periods. Why give a week, a month, or a year as our competitors? Take your time