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Health is vital for anyone irrespective of their origin, race, ethnicity, nationality or financial status. While for some it is affordable, not everyone has the budget to easily afford medical care, especially in emergencies or length medical procedures. When a person lacks the money, and the medical procedure is vital for existence, almost everyone thinks about spending the capital they possess in the form of assets such as gold, bonds or property. Similarly, It is well known that the cash flow of healthcare practices, whether it be medical, dental or veterinarian, is unpredictable and can be inconsistent. Submission of payment, in majority cases by insurance companies, may take weeks or even months, which is beyond the control of the medical practitioner or respective organization, which ultimately may result in adversely affecting their efficiency.

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In such circumstances, while a person may have been able to liquidate their savings for the required medical procedure or a practitioner needs it for their required obligations, the process of liquidation is often slow for emergency. Besides, a person also misses out on the opportunity of getting growth while also losing the periodic returns from the underlying asset.

Medfi Veda, Veda P2P Platform resolves such pain points in health-care by introducing a crypto-based P2P lending platform. It ensures that for emergency situations, individual patients can simply apply for loans in