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Expectations of today’s banking law professionals are changing. Clients, policymakers and shareholders are demanding greater insights into emerging areas within today’s financial markets. They don’t just want to know about indemnities and derivatives — they also want the latest information on laws and regulations in cryptocurrency, online banking, blockchain and fintech. More than ever, lawyers need to possess the acute, advanced knowledge and skills to help navigate financial institutions into the future.

Boston University’s School of Law has a graduate programme that specialises in the rapidly changing landscape of financial services law. With a faculty composed of practising industry figures, students at BU Law’s LLM in Banking and Financial Law have practical, topical and polemical content delivered in dynamic classroom discussions.


Source: Boston University School of Law

The top-tier and established law school welcomes talents from varied academic and career paths into the course. Whether you are looking for advanced career training or want a more focused career direction in banking law, BU Law’s LLM is the first programme of its kind in the United States. It’s designed to