MultiHODL: Make profit from both bullish and bearish price swings – Invezz

  • There is no easy strategy for making profits on both bullish and bearish markets.
  • MultiHodl attempts to achieve this balance by using the barbell investment strategy.
  • This tool, turns you into an active HODLer while allowing you to make high profits.

Of all the terms used among crypto enthusiasts, HODL is perhaps the most popular.

The word HODL is a slang word in the crypto world that refers to the act of holding on to a cryptocurrency and believing in its value despite its current price.

The term can also refer to the act of holding on to a cryptocurrency instead of spending or trading it with other cryptocurrencies.

While some crypto enthusiasts can make a profit simply by holding onto a coin and waiting for that coin’s value to appreciate over time, others make significant profits by trading coins in the market despite the high risk.

Can a balance be achieved?

How to capitalize on market volatility

The incentive to hold a coin instead of trade or spend is to avoid the risk of volatility.

After all, instead of playing with your coin to predict the whims of the market (a process that requires tremendous practice, patience and a bit of luck), all you have to do is be patient and hope that in the long run, that coin’s value will be worth more.

On the other hand, traders who